The va-Q-tainer is a high-performing rental container which incorporates vacuum insulation and phase change materials to maintain the required temperature for more than 5 days. va-Q-tec’s Advanced Passive Alternative is delivered to the customer quality-checked and preconditioned, ready to LOAD & GO. The LOAD & GO Service simplifies the container handling during product loading and unloading as well as during transport, hence providing customers with a reliable packaging solution for the most challenging trade lanes. The single and double pallet solutions from va-Q-tec allow customers efficient use of payload space, preserving the efficacy, quality and value of pharmaceutical and biological products with one configuration for all seasons and hemispheres, not requiring power supply, fans or batteries.
The va-Q-tainers come in 5 sizes, each with varying payload capacities and length of performance:

6 Temperature Ranges -50 to +25°C with PCM Elements, <-60°C with Dry Ice
5 Container Sizes From 96 litres to 2 Euro/US Pallets
Ready to LOAD & GO. Delivered Quality-Checked and Preconditioned
Constant Temperature, Easy Handling, Low Risk, High Reliability
Performance at +2°C - +8°C from 120 to 230 hours