Sales & Revenue Management

Due to experienced sales team and relationships Euroasian has developed with various international carriers we are striving to achieve both the increase of revenue and high standard of services for the customers.

Our main instruments:

  • Expert knowledge of local markets
  • Experienced and highly motivated sales team
  • Targeted sales using market analysis and local expertise
  • Value added services including personalised incentive schemes & face to face meetings
  • Management of general pricing policy and monitorisation of changes implementation
  • Development and monitorisation of business steering activities based on each markets seasonal business for short, mid and long term profitability
  • Rate distribution and promotion of our client airline’s services through the local freight forwarding communities.
  • Targeted sales activities using IATA CASS statistics and historical data obtained from our bespoke cargo management software.
  • Agreements negotiation and potential issues resolution
  • Management of Long Term Contracts
  • Coordination of Additional flight capacity requests