Finance & Accounting

Centralised administration IT system saving time to Euroasian local team to be focused on sales, customer service and operations. Close monitoring of the receivables from our customers, combined with a sophisticated pre-selection of the partners we cooperate with, makes sure that no outstanding issues occur in our financial settlements, resulting our strong financial stability.

Euroasian financial and accounting provides the following services:

  • Billing, Administration Collection for airfreight Transport via CASS or CNS
  • Management of all related cost
  • Sales and Financial reports as per carrier requirements
  • Settlement of interline payments and of all third part cargo claims
  • Acceptance & process charges collects AWBs
  • Monthly financial & sales reporting
  • Revenue collection & revenue forecasting
  • Punctual & accurate payments
  • Documentation control & administration
  • Financial tracking record
  • Provision of bank guarantees
  • Operation of customized billing and payment systems for handling and trucking services billings
  • Collection of import handling costs due to agents
  • Timely remittance of monies due to carriers
  • Refund & claims compensation processing
  • Customer enquiries

 Accounting is carried out through the IATA CASS system, with main and global freight forwarders. Euroasian also operate separate procedures to deal with Non-CASS freight forwarders.

Full accounting and reporting is provided to all client carriers to match the exact requirements of the Airline, as well as trucking and handling when required.